The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Android
Rank: Unknown, but high ranking
Status: Destroyed
Played By: Gregory Calpakis


Argent was an android from the future. He comes back in time to convince Doyle to join him, as well as to restore the Andromeda Ascendant to her former glory. First, he appears to be a lonely man, a natural victim on Seefra until Doyle saves him. When he notices Doyle bleeding superconductor fluid, he confronts Seamus Harper, but the latter deflects his questions. He strives to prove to Doyle that she is a machine, not human. He does so by having her dip her hand in a super-cool liquid, which she doesn't feel. He tells the pair about a Tesseract generator in an asteroid, but when Doyle asks him why he wants to help Andromeda, he turns on her, telling her not to be afraid before he tesseracts to meet with his men, in order to kill the rest of the crew. Harper, however, uses the generator to pull him apart, atom-by-atom, ending his existence.


  • Argent is the tincture of silver.