The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Milky Way Galaxy
Greater Magellanic Cloud
Diameter: 17,450 km
Climate: Temperate to tropical
Water coverage: 57%
Societal information
Species: 71% Human
12% Perseid
7% Umbrite
6% Tonkin
4% miscellaneous
Population: 1.2 billion
Events: Conviction and imprisonment of Dylan Hunt and Rommie
Technical information
Defenses: Drones
Home Fleet


Arazia joined the Systems Commonwealth in C.Y. 6740. A once beautiful world, Arazia was ravaged by Magog and Nietzschean attacks as well as various interstellar disease epidemics during the 300 years of the Long Night, and because the Commonwealth had imploded, considered itself a free planet. As a consequence of the misfortune that Arazia had experienced, the people became extremely xenophobic, rejecting nearly any contact with the outside universe. This means that reliable information on Arazian current events is scarce, though the planet is in the grip of a crime wave that has resulted in the Arazian government contracting private penal corporations to ship prisoners off-world. How such a destitute and war-torn world finds the resources to dispose of their criminal element in such a Byzantine manner remains a mystery.

In C.Y. 10087, Captain Dylan Hunt tried to ask the Arazian government to consider becoming a member world of the New Commonwealth. However, the government blamed the old Commonwealth for collapsing and leaving their world at the mercy of the Nietzschean pirates and Magog. Seeking vengeance on the Commonwealth, they condemned Hunt and Rommie to life imprisonment on a penal planet. The 2 were brought to the secret prison planet of Helios IX where they nearly died, until the Andromeda came and rescued them.


  • The privacy-obsessed Arazians, famous for the chador-like shrouds worn by their upper class, were once reliable citizens of the Systems Commonwealth.