Antiproton Storage Tanks are specifically designed holding tanks that are supposed to exclusively hold Antiprotons, a form of antimatter.

As Antiprotons are used to fuel fusion reactors in all spaceships all over the known universe, and are easily refined when collected by Bussard Ramscoops, or easily bought from Drifts and space stations, every spaceship, big and small, has an Antiproton storage tank aboard. They are often the most advanced piece of technology on board most vessels, because although their name indicates that they are mere fuel tanks, they are extremely complicated devices. Because antimatter cannot be allowed to come in contact with any normal matter, highly charged magnetic fields must be used to loop the Antiprotons continually in a complete vacuum, so that the ship that the tank is in and the surrounding area do not explode. Antiprotons about to be fed into the Fusion reactor or the Slipstream Core are shunted to the Antiproton Containment Rods via Antiproton Solenoid Valves, and then fed into the reactor or core, where they are supplied through pressure sensitive valves which carefully regulate how much is admitted. The tanks are extremely strong, and have some of the heaviest shielding on any ships, because they are the most explosive component on board. They can be any size, from relatively small to gigantic, depending on the size of the host vessel.


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