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An Antiproton Power Converter is an energy/mass converter that injects Antiprotons and regular protons into a powerful contaminant tank and forced them to interact. In the resulting powerful mass reaction, the energy released by the interaction is converted by the Antiproton Power Converter into electrical power for any use. Antiproton power converters can be almost any size and can have many uses, like powering the MagnetoplasmaDynamic Drive on the Andromeda Ascendant, powering Slipfighters, as well as powering Drones and missiles and some recreational devices. They are an example of a highly prolific technology that is used everywhere because of their wide range of functions. Antiproton Power Converters also can regulate the amount of power that they convert, from providing a massive amount of power that can propel warships to powering small computer screens. This allows ships to regulate their power distribution for a variety of reasons, from the conservation of fuel to trying to be stealthy and limit and mask the power emissions created.

Apparently, the Converters can overload if power distribution is not handled properly, and when they do the resulting explosion can be powerful enough to destroy a Glorious Heritage Class ship. Antiproton Power Converters use an Antiproton Solenoid Valve that can be jammed open or closed, and which can cause catastrophic damage to a ship. Because the system is so vital, it is well protected, and it takes a lot of damage to do harm to the Converter.