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The harness around Dylan Hunt's waist.


The field that the harness generates is clearly seen on the lower half of Hunts body.


An Anti-gravity Harness, (Anti-Grav Harness, Grav Harness, AG Harness) is a small gravity manipulating unit capable of being fitted to one's belt. The device creates an inertial dampening field over the ground or another solid object that "breaks the fall" of the user allowing them to remain planted on the ground or jump from great heights and land unharmed. Captain Hunt and other High Guard officers in pre-Long Night era used Anti-Grav Harnesses to travel dozens of decks down on the Andromeda Ascendant to save time in emergencies. ("Under the Night")

Rommie has also used an Anti-Grav Harness, when she had to jump out a window to evade hostile forces, yet ensure the human in her arms survived the landing. ("All Too Human", "In Heaven Now Are Three")