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Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Played By: Rachel Hayward


Andulasia was an business associate of Gerentex's that had information on the whereabouts of the diary of Hasturi. Trance and Harper met her on Albequerque Drift. ("Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way")


Andulasia: And who wants to know?
Trance: We're friends of Gerentex.
Harper: I prefer associates.
Andulasia: Oh, I don't think you can ever have enough friends, wouldn't you agree?
Harper: Er, yeah.
Andulasia: Shush. I prefer my men strong and silent.
Trance: Well then, you won't like Harper.
Harper: Trance, would you?
Andulasia: Much better. So, I assume you're here about the data he wanted?
Trance Gemini: Do you have it?
Andulasia: Oh, I've got it. I lifted it off of that wildcatter he told me about, not long before that unfortunate run in with a faulty airlock.
Trance: That's great. It's not great for him, but it is for us. Harper, give her the Flexi. I think that's the amount you two agreed on.
Andulasia: Oh, it was. But now it's a zero short.
Trance: But, you had a deal.
Andulasia: Did you really think that I was going to stick to that deal? That is so sweet. When you get serious, you know where to find me. And so do you.


  • The name Andalusia refers to several locations.