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Front Cover
Andromeda Coda: The Musical Journey
Album Information
Composer(s) David Fang
Artist(s) David Fang
Producer(s) David Fang
Label None
Released October 23, 2008
Genre Soundtrack
Media type Downloadable MP3
Tracks 31
Length 100 Minutes


Andromeda Coda: The Musical Journey is an album of symphonic scores, composed and produced by David Fang, based upon Robert Hewitt Wolfe's standalone but canon work Coda. Fang wrote and composed all 31 tracks himself, and then enlisted the Garritan Personal Orchestra and East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, as well as East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choir, to perform his work. The Garritan Orchestra was used for 9 tracks, and the Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra was used for the remaining 22. According to Fang, he was "not satisfied with the orchestra's aggressiveness" of the tracks performed by the Garritan Personal Orchestra. He created the album and tried to release it to coincide with Robert Hewitt Wolfe's birthday; however it was released a week early due to Fang having plans for the week of the birthday.

The album is supposed to be an accompaniment to Coda.


Besides the cover art of the album, additional other images were created to be paired with individual songs as well. Known songs that have unique artwork paired with them are:


The score was released on October 23, 2008 in a digital format through a variety of sources. It was announced and released through a blog post on, as well as on David Fang's MySpace page as a free download from several websites.


  1. Andromeda Coda Suite (Song)
  2. Lightbringers (Song)
  3. Spirit of the Abyss (Song)
  4. The Captain and his Ship (Song)
  5. Pyrian Standoff (Song)
  6. The Engine of Creation (Song)
  7. The Sun Goddess (Song)
  8. The Perfect Future (Song)
  9. Out of Victoria, by Barbarossa (Song)
  10. Widows and Orphans (Song)
  11. Battle Blades Extended (Song)
  12. Beka's Counterattack (Song)
  13. Rommie's Departure (Song)
  14. Forged Alliance (Song)
  15. Core, Logic, and Avatar (Song)
  16. The Wayist Monks (Song)
  17. Hold the line against the night! (Song)
  18. Space Voyage (Song)
  19. Join the Consensus (Song)
  20. Transferring of the Mind (Song)
  21. Harper's Wrath (Song)
  22. Glorious Heritage (Song)
  23. Transcendence (Song)
  24. Captain Valentine (Song)
  25. Path to Eternal Damnation (Song)
  26. Red Plague (Song)
  27. The Savage Magog (Song)
  28. The Nietzchean Empire (Song)
  29. Memories of Tarn Vedra (Song)
  30. The Restored Systems Commonwealth (Song)
  31. Hope Lives Again (Arkology Theme) (Song)

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