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The Andromeda Association is the name of a group that formed that consisted of survivors of the crew from the High Guard vessel Andromeda Ascendant during the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth. These individuals gathered under the banner of Sara Riley who led them to the planet Tarazed where they formed an enclave of last survivors of the Systems Commonwealth which survived for three centuries. During that time, the Andromeda Association formed, and it consisted of descendants of the original crew of the Andromeda Ascendant who abandoned ship during the Battle of Hephaistos.

When Captain Dylan Hunt discovered Tarazed, the Andromeda Association desired to meet him privately. Triumvir Rakel Ben-Tzion claimed that there was not a room large enough to hold all members of their organization, but she allowed some of the more prominent members of their association to meet him. ("Home Fires")

The Association was not the only such group that formed around remnants of the Systems Commonwealths civilization, as there was a similar group of descandants known as the Society of Starry Wisdom who were descended from the crew of the Starry Wisdom, a science vessel.