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And Your Heart Will Fly Away


Production #


Original air date

November 25, 2002

Written by

Michael Cassutt

Directed by

Allan Eastman

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo
Bob Engels

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Geordie Johnson as Bartolome Naz
Leila Johnson as Desiree D'lene

Preceded by

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Followed by

The Unconquerable Man

"She wounds you
as a rose will wound you --
Not with her thorn.
A rose will always wound you
with her beauty."
Harry Martinson, CY 6862

"And Your Heart Will Fly Away" is episode 9 of Season 3.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 3


Seamus Harper is testing the new navigation system on a modified Slipfighter in a field of space garbage. On the Andromeda deck, strange debris infiltrates the ship, forming a Knights of Genetic Purity soldier that attacks Dylan. The soldier screams Dylan’s name, clearly sending a message from an unknown source. Dylan chops the soldier in half, causing it to shatter into a million tiny pellets. During the attack, Tyr Anasazi disappears in the modified slipfighter.

Rommie learns the soldier came from a microsatellite delivery system. Further scanning reveals a private hologram transmission sent to Tyr from the same microsatellite. Harper examines the remains of the soldier. He explains to Dylan and Beka Valentine that the microscopic spheres are an Eidolon, a structure of dark matter that can simulate an image of any size.

The crew’s attention is drawn to a giant Dylan Hunt Eidolon that is floating in the distance. The Andromeda changes course to get closer to the figure when it fires at them. The Andromeda shoots a missile, but before it hits, the Eidolon vanishes. Tracking the Eidolon points the ship in the direction of the planet Elba IX. They realize that the two Eidolons are from the same source.

Meanwhile, on Elba IX, Tyr has landed the Slipfighter and has his own encounter with a Knights of Genetic Purity soldier.

Back on the ship, the Eidolon particles have infected the guidance system. Unbeknownst to the crew, a small ship docked during the encounter with the large Eidolon of Dylan. Aboard the ship is Bartolome Naz, who knows Tyr’s location and his reason for going to Elba IX. Bartolome is responsible for the creation of the eidolons.

Back on Elba IX, a beautiful woman appears, saving Tyr from the soldier. She recognizes Tyr, slaps him and walks away. He follows.

On the Andromeda, Bartolome tells the story of his true love, Desiree D'lene, and how he hired Tyr to kill her because she no longer loved him. Instead of killing her, Tyr fell in love with her and left her on Elba IX with hopes that Bartolome would never find her. Bartolome believed that the mission was accomplished until he received a message of unknown origin, leaving him to believe that Desiree was alive and that Tyr knew where she was. Bartolome sent the message to Tyr knowing he could follow him to find Desiree.

As the Andromeda gets closer to Elba IX the crew encounters the Attrox, an asteroid Bartolome converted to a war machine. They attempt to evade the Attrox by going into slipstream, but it is able to pursue them. They realize they cannot fight it but can hide from it in a low orbit. This gives Beka and Harper enough time to take the Maru down to the planet’s surface and look for Tyr.

Tyr and Desiree discuss why Tyr left her alone on the planet for so long. He never responded to a message she had sent over a year ago. This was the same message Tyr just received. An alarm sounds, detecting two unknown visitors nearby. They prepare for a fight but as it turns out, it’s Beka and Harper coming to find Tyr.

Dylan orders everyone back to the ship, including Desiree. Time is running out and they will not be hidden from the attrox for much longer. Bartolome is hiding in the hangar waiting to kill Tyr for betraying him. They begin to fight and Beka breaks it up before anyone is hurt. Tyr and Desiree converse about how much she has changed in their time apart.

In the Command Center, Dylan uses Bartolome’s assistance to create an eidolon enhanced slipfighter of their own to distract the attrox. Desiree sneaks in to attack Bartolome. Beka shoots, mistaking her for an eidolon.

Tyr carries a bloody Desiree to the medical deck and Bartolome follows. Meanwhile, Dylan and Beka are stabilizing the ship to combat the attrox. The Eidolon Slipfighter transforms into a Magog warship distracting the attrox. Once turned around, the slipfighter explodes and the Andromeda attacks full force, destroying the Attrox. On the Andromeda meddeck, Desiree is being treated by Trance, while Bartolome is hooked up to a machine, undergoing a medical procedure. Dylan comes in and sees what is going on. He makes Bartolome realize that he does not have to make his life evil and heartbroken, but to save a life and agrees to let Desiree go. Dylan then goes to Desiree and they talk for a while. Once Dylan steps away, Bartolome tells Desiree: "Time to lower my defenses as well" and disconnects himself from the machine, the medical procedure is completed and he steps out of his chair, to Desiree's amazement. As Bartolome slowly walks to Desiree, he gives his blessing.

Tyr takes Desiree back to Elba IX. Tyr tells her that the two of them are "the greatest survivors". Desiree says that they will survive longer if they stay hidden, but Tyr protests that they will survive the longest if they have children, and he is willing to stay with her for that purpose. Desiree says that if Niobe, their Matriarch, were alive, she would arrange it, but she is dead, Desiree is a Kodiak, Medea Cymri, out of Isabella, by Zarathustra, a childhood sweetheart of Tyr's, who has been living in hiding, pretending to be a human. She does not want to live "on the run", even for Tyr's sake. She is happy to stay on Elba IX, hidden, so Tyr leaves her there.


  • The opening quote is similiar to the leadership style of House Tyrell in "Game of Thrones".
  • The title may well come from the 1958 Tommy Edwards hit song It's All in the Game, later covered by many other artists. The lyrics include the lines in the refrain.
    • And he'll kiss your lips
    • And caress your waiting fingertips
    • And your heart will fly away

Memorable Quotes[]

Harper: I only need 20 more minutes.
Dylan: You said that 20 minutes ago.
Harper: Yeah, but that was before I knew I really only needed 20 more minutes.

Bartolome Naz: She was brilliant, she was witty, she was sensuous, she was the love of my life – until she wasn't.

Harper: Hey, she's supposed to be desirable, not deadly. Not that there's necessarily a difference.

Trance: How was your trip to Elba IX?
Beka: Stupid.

Bartolome Naz: You owe me a death!
Tyr: Suppose I let you live, and we call it even?

Bartolome Naz: For the first time I wanted to design something that would save a life.
Dylan: Here is your chance to do just that.

Bartolome Naz: (to Desiree) Go. Follow your heart, you'll always have mine. You can leave your beloved Elba whenever you wish. (he kisses her hand) You're free.
Desiree D'lene: I always was free.

Tyr: The sky is falling.