Ammonium phosphate is a crystalline powder that is a fatal and addictive drug to Pyrians. Ammonium phosphate comes from the planet Inaris, and the mineral is supposedly formed by volcanic activity. The Inari ship the mineral off their planet as their only export, and it is used as fertilizer. However, Pyrians, which are a non-humanoid species, have a fatal and addictive attraction to it. The people of Inaris asked Captain Dylan Hunt to find out what was happening to their shipments of the mineral, and while the Andromeda Ascendant was escorting an Inari-crewed transport they found out about the addictive properties or the drug, because a Pyrian Torchship arrived in the system and destroyed the transport. The crew of the Andromeda then discovered that the Inari were shipping ammonium phosphate as a drug.

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