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Andromeda 04x04 - Double or Nothingness
Location: Unknown
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Nietzschean
Population: Unknown
Technical information
Defenses: Slipfighters
Nietzschean Frigates
Natural Magnetic field


Almagest is a Nietzschean controlled planet that possesses some of the best Drydocks of the three galaxies. They were however, staffed by mostly human slaves. The planet is very close to its sun, and, because of its proximity, Almagest is affected by its unusually strong magnetic field. Since the planet's inhabitants can't completely protect themselves from the solar radiation, the majority of life and work is done underneath the surface.

In C.Y. 10090, Shig and Lipp-Sett, the 2 owners of the planet's Drydock system, lost a bet against Dylan Hunt. As a result, they had to give Dylan their weapon arsenals, which include over "36 wings of Slipfighters and thousands of Force lances", and also had to release all their slaves.


  • The name is a reference to the Almagest.


Almagest surface S04xE04 Double or Nothingness

Almagest surface