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All Too Human


Production #


Original air date

November 5, 2001

Written by

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz

Directed by

T.J. Scott

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Roger R. Cross as Carter
Bruce Harwood as Philip Kim
Louis Chirillo as Ngomi

Preceded by

Last Call at the Broken Hammer

Followed by

Una Salus Victus

"Worlds governed by artificial intelligence
often learned a hard lesson:
Logic Doesn't Care."
Yin-Man Wei
"This Present Darkness: A History of the Interregnum"
CY 11956

"All Too Human" is episode 6 of Season 2.


Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 2


Rommie is on a secret mission to Machen Alpha in the Eureka Maru, a planet near Mobius. Machen Alpha has a weapon called the Basilisk, capable of destroying planets using Magog technology, which has been used once already to destroy a planet full of Artificial Intelligence. Machen Alpha is now threatening to use the weapon on Mobius, a member of the renewed Systems Commonwealth. Dylan Hunt, Beka Valentine, and Trance Gemini are monitoring Rommie's progress from orbit on board the Andromeda, while Seamus Harper, Tyr Anasazi, and Rev Bem are in the Maru near the surface waiting to extract Rommie.

Andromeda detects that the Basilisk is moving out ahead of schedule, and moves to intercept it.

Rommie is meeting with Philip Kim, one of Machen Alpha's top engineers. He is reluctant to give her any information until she gets him to safety. Rommie calls back to the Maru to report on her situation, and Tyr suggests that she take the information from Kim by force.

Security guards burst into the hotel room where Rommie and Kim are meeting. Rommie tries to act as if she and Kim are having an affair, but the guards do not believe it. Rommie takes the guards out in a firefight. She takes several hits, but they do not seem to affect her. She grabs Kim, and jumps out of the window, using an Anti-gravity Harness to break their fall from the 42 story drop. When they land, Kim realizes that she is an Android, and begs her not to kill him.

Carter, the leader of the security team, also realizes that Rommie is an android, but Ngomi does not. Carter says to Ngomi,"She incapacitated four highly trained agents, took a direct gauss gun hit, survived a forty two story drop, then eluded capture by twelve more personnel on the ground. Yeah, I pretty much think she's an android"

With Tyr monitoring their communications from the Maru and relaying information to Rommie, she is able to avoid the security search teams. However, the military detects the Maru from Harper's undetectable military satellite hack, and attacks. The Maru is hit several times,crashes into the water, and begins to sink. With the Maru damaged, Rommie has no way to escape. In the stress of the situation, Harper begins to overdose on his medication ignoring Rev Bem's warnings.

Kim shares some of his information with Rommie. He says that he helped design the Basilisk, but he only expected it to be used to defend the planet, not attack others. However, he does not think that destroying a planet full of "Artificial Intelligences and their supporters" is such a bad thing. He says that helping an Artificial Intelligence (as he is doing now) would be considered high treason. After the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, Artificial Intelligences were placed in control of Machen Alpha, which worked well, until "logic took over" and took a toll. During floods the cities were razed and the population relocated, during famine the rations were denied to the useless citizens, and during plagues the infected were killed. Eventually, the people rebelled, and forced the Artificial Intelligences off-world.

The Maru continues to sink, and loses contact with both the Andromeda and Rommie. With the Basilisk moving to attack, Dylan is forced to abandon the Maru in order to protect Mobius.

Rommie is concerned about those on the Maru, and Kim is amazed that she is acting human.

Tyr suggests that they abandon the Maru and swim to the surface. Rev, however, notes that they are already 300 meters deep. He and Tyr, with hardier physiologies, may be able to survive the attempt, but Harper will definitely die. He trusts Harper's ability to fix the ship in time. However, Harper has overdosed on his medication, and falls unconscious and is in a self-induced coma.

Carter, searching for Rommie and Kim, has received the information that they had a ship waiting. He is attempting to determine where they might have planned to meet it, in hopes of finding them there.

Kim is still reluctant to give his information to Rommie before she gets him to safety, but seeing her concern for her friends sways him, so he gives her a data disk, containing a VR file. Rommie checks the file, and is surprised to see that Machen Alpha has an undamaged Swarm Ship, complete with Point Singularity Projector. She concludes that the Machenites are co-operating with the Magog. She asks Kim to take her to the ship itself. Kim protests that the security is very tight, but Rommie thinks that she can get in.

Andromeda's drones destroy the Basilisk's escorts, but the Basilisk returns fire with its Point Singularity Projector. Dylan, Beka, and Andromeda conclude that the Magog are providing the technology in order to set the worlds against each other, to soften them up for the arrival of the Worldship. Dylan, therefore, no longer feels any obligation to hold anything back.

Rev and Tyr are unable to fix the Maru underwater, and it is continuing to sink. Rev comes up with a plan: use the EVA suits, flood the Maru with water, and use the air circulation system for propulsion. Unfortunately, they find that there is only one EVA suit on the ship. Rev declares that he can survive long enough for them to reach the surface, but even Tyr's Nietzschean physiology is not enough to guarantee his survival. Tyr claims the suit for himself, which will leave Harper to drown.

Rommie is planning to take the swarmship from the Machenites. She gives Kim a Force lance, but Carter's agents attack. Rommie takes them out, but Kim is killed in the firefight. Rommie asks Kim why he moved from cover and got shot. He says, "You think I'm gonna listen to...(Rommie interjects, "An AI?")...a woman?"

Rommie's analysis of the building where the swarmship is kept yields little chance of success. Looking for an alternative, she gains access to the reactor controls.

Rev refuses to help Tyr if it means sacrificing Harper. Tyr claims that Harper is suffering from the Magog infestation, so it would make little sense to save him at Tyr's expense. He also claims he could simply shoot Harper, and make the choice academic. Rev notes that, while he could shoot Harper, he has not done so yet.

Andromeda attacks and destroys the Basilisk. They divert the point singularity bullets that were already heading towards Mobius by opening slipstream portals in their path. The slipstream portals cause disruptions on the planet, but they save it from destruction. They then return to Machen Alpha, hoping it is not too late for Rommie and those on the Maru.

Tyr relents, and gives Rev the EVA suit to put on Harper. He says that he will allow himself to drown, and count on the hypothermia and his Nietzschean physiology to preserve his brain function long enough for Rev to revive him when they reach the surface.

Carter contacts Rommie via the Virtual Reality matrix, and finds her initiating a reactor overload. Carter pleads with her, but she says, "In case you're wondering, I've tapped into your civilian network. It seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties. Oops. The main power grid for your largest city just went offline. That was communications. There goes the civil defense system. Water treatment. Traffic control." She says that she accepts the casualties, and kicks him out of VR.

The building where the swarmship is stored is being evacuated as Rommie moves in, with Carter in pursuit.

With Harper in the EVA suit, Tyr strapped to a bed, and Rev at the controls, the Maru is flooded.

As Rommie and Carter fight, she discovers that he is, in fact, also an android. He stayed on Machen Alpha after the revolution to try to atone for the past. He believes that Rommie will destroy Machen Alpha after she takes the ship, because it is the logical thing to do, and she cannot convince him otherwise. In the end, Rommie destroys Carter with an overloaded forcelance, then she shuts down the reactor to prevent it from overloading.

With the Maru on the surface, Rev revives Tyr just as Rommie arrives in the swarmship to tow them back to the Andromeda. Harper tries to express his gratitude to Tyr for saving him, but Tyr does not want to hear it.

For her success on the mission, Dylan awards Rommie the Order of the Vedran Empress.


  • The title refers to the Artificial Intelligence's taking on human emotions and not acting like a computer.
  • The title refers to Friedrich Nietzsche's first significant work of philosophy, "Human, All Too Human", written in part out of his dissatisfaction with some contemporary thinkers whom he once idolized as near-godlike but now regards as "All Too Human".
  • The basis of the opening quote was used in "Star Trek". Whenever Kirk and crew were confronted with a supercomputer, the supercomputer was always revealed to be evil.
  • In the Colossus novel series and "Colossus: The Forbin Project", the supercomputer designed to save the population decides the only solution is to control the population.
  • The revolt is similar to the Butlerian Jihad.
  • In the "Blake's 7" episode "Redemption" the supercomputer known as the System creates Space World. The System is created from the combat computers of the planets. The Altas are used for controlling the guards and workers.
  • Harper references "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".
  • There are similiar storylines with Dylan Hunt and Rommie regarding perceived failed missions in "All Too Human" and "Forced Perspective".
  • The Basilisk refers to a mythical creature.

Memorable Quotes[]

Beka: Ah, the Basilisk. Funny how no-one ever names their planet-killer the "Fluffy Bunny".

Harper: Yeah, Rom-doll, sweet-talk him. Try appealing to his inner geek. And, if that doesn't work, unzip your, uh.
Rev: Harper!
Harper: What? I'm just sayin' it would work on me.

Rommie: (to Kim) Shut up and remember how much you love me!

Kim: Friends? That's crazy! AI's don't have any...
Rommie: any what? Emotions? You'd be surprised!

Kim: I have a security clearance so high, I have to kill myself if I remember I have it and I'm not allowed past the front gate.

Rommie: Calculating Chances of Success: Likelihood of survival: Zero. Dammit. OK, time for some lateral thinking: How do I get the nice men with guns out of my way? Got it, make them run.

Rev: In some cultures, it is traditional for those who know they are about to die to express any regrets they may have accumulated in life.
Tyr: Perhaps you'd like to measure me for my coffin, too, Magog? You make my skin crawl! Get away from me!

Rommie: I gave you my best offer. You have 73 seconds to change my mind.
Carter: 73 seconds, huh? That sounds about right.

Tyr: Rescued by a swarmship?
Rev: You see? Not only is there a Divine, but he has a twisted sense of humour.