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The All Systems University was the main recorder of knowledge and information in the known worlds. The University was founded following the conversion of the Vedran Empire to the Systems Commonwealth with the mandate to preserve and record all knowledge in the known worlds.

Copies of the University's information were stored aboard the starships of the High Guard fleet, including the Andromeda Ascendant.

The University was founded when the Vedran Empire evolved into the Systems Commonwealth.

Special Collections Division[]

The Special Collections Division is a division of the All Systems University. It collects and preserves knowledge. Should the Systems Commonwealth fall, the SCD must keep a copy of the University's database to prepare for its restoration. When the caretaker was being tracked by the Spirit of the Abyss, the SCD sent him to the nearest safest place, which just happened to be the Andromeda Ascendant.


Descended from the Special Collections Division of the All Systems University, the current generation of Collectors are divided into two factions. The purists continue in their original objective, preserve knowledge in preparation for the restoration of civilization in a new Commonwealth. They also offer assistance to others such as Captain Dylan Hunt but otherwise try to stay in the background. Over the years however, some Collectors became corrupt and began using the knowledge they were preserving to gain power. This faction eventually subverted the Restored Commonwealth government and even allied with the Abyss. This faction was slowly purged as the Second Systems Commonwealth Civil War continued and ultimately the True Collectors regained power and came to Captain Hunt's assistance once more. True Collectors are recognized by the SCD's insignia. ("Time Out of Mind")


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