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All Great Neptune's Ocean


Production #


Original air date

January 15, 2001

Written by

Walter Jon Williams

Directed by

Allan Harmon

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight

Production Designer

Ken Rabehl

Guest stars

Mikela J. Mikael as Colonel Yau
Malcolm Stewart as Chancellor Chandos
Allan Morgan as President Sebastian Lee

Preceded by

A Rose in the Ashes

Followed by

The Pearls That Were His Eyes

"Democracy may be only a few
steps removed from Anarchy,
but at least it's not as loud."
Crowned in Starlight
Than Hegemon, CY 9843

"All Great Neptune's Ocean" is episode 10 of Season 1.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 1


The crew is preparing for a formal state dinner with Castalia, a world ruled by a race of Humans genetically engineered to breathe water, but including a minority of unmodified humans. The various races were united into the Castalian Republic by President Sebastian Lee.

While Lee's security adviser, Colonel Yau, reviews Andromeda Ascendant's security, Rommie tries to convince Beka of the need for her to wear a dress. The Castalians are sticklers for protocol, down to having musical cues for every formal occasion.

At dinner, Lee tells Dylan that he expects to sign the charter tomorrow, on a live broadcast. However, Tyr interrupts the dinner, accusing Lee of slaughtering the Volsung Pride, a Nietzschean pride that was an offshoot of Tyr's Kodiak Pride.

In a private conversation, Tyr tells Dylan that the Volsung Aerie Orbital Platform was destroyed at the end of the Castalian war for independence, when the Volsung were about to surrender.

Dylan confronts Lee about this. Lee suggests that the Volsung may have destroyed their own orbital, killing all aboard, including human slaves. Dylan points out that Nietzscheans do not commit suicide. Yau says that it may have been an accident, but they will never know.

Lee is still willing to sign the charter, but requires an apology from Tyr first. When Dylan discusses this with Tyr, he reminds Tyr that reestablishing the Commonwealth means justice (and formal inquiry) for everyone. He encourages him to consider the "long game".

Tyr agrees to apologize, and Lee requests a moment alone with him (with cameras off) before the live address. While the rest wait outside, they hear the presidential music and a shot. They rush inside to find Lee dead, and Tyr unconscious.

Yau claims that Lee was like a father to her, and demands that Tyr be handed over as the murderer. Dylan claims the evidence is circumstantial, but there will be an investigation, and Yau will be involved.

Chancellor Chandos is sworn in as President, and in his inaugural address, he vows revenge on Lee's killer. Yau notes to Dylan that Castalia has the death penalty.

Dylan speaks with Tyr in medical, but Tyr does not remember being with the president. Dylan tells Tyr that Lee is dead, and Tyr asks if it has determined who did it. Dylan and Beka wonder whether Tyr is, in fact innocent. Tyr explains that if he wanted to kill Lee, he would do a better job, and they would not be able to trace it to him, therefore, he must be innocent. That being said, Tyr asks Dylan if he wants him to surrender himself. Dylan is not willing to sacrifice an innocent man, although Harper indicates that he would be willing to sacrifice Tyr for his own safety.

Harper demonstrates the features of the Force lance to Yau. These features include firing self-directed "Smart bullets", and a security feature that shocks anyone but the owner (triggered by DNA recognition) who handles the weapon. Tyr's Force lance fired two smart bullets, but they were fired straight down, at a low velocity, and then homed in on Lee, and shocked Tyr into unconsciousness. Yau is convinced that Tyr did it.

Dylan runs a background check on Yau, and discovers that she was a slave, and her family died on the Volsung habitat. This gives a potential motive for Yau as the murderer, revenge, if she suspected Lee was responsible for the destruction of the habitat.

The third suspect is Chandos, since he did become president. Yau discredits this, since Lee was going to resign after signing the charter, so Chandos would be president in three days, and knew it.

A single Castalian ship boards the Andromeda. Dylan allows them to board, but overpowers them with a Force lance charge, tossing it on the floor among them and activating it remotely, shocking them into unconsciousness (but not killing them). Yau states that the boarding was not authorized by the Castalian government.

Dylan and Yau review the Force lance capabilities again, considering the fact that it can be operated remotely. Dylan's theory is that someone activated Tyr's Force lance remotely, and when Tyr grabbed it, it shocked him.

Rommie reviews her records of the incident and finds that the Force lance was controlled from her communications port, therefore, she must be guilty of killing Lee. She does not, however, remember planning to do so. Knowing that if Rommie is found guilty, she will be erased, Harper offers to download her personality into his neural net, but she declines.

Tyr confronts Yau, accusing her of killing Lee, as revenge for his destruction of the habitat. She says that if she believed he had done so, she would have, but she does not.

Harper tries to tell Dylan that he did it. Dylan does not believe it, as Harper has no motive and he realizes that Harper is just trying to save Rommie.

Beka suggests to Dylan that they just cut their losses and leave. Dylan says that he does not want to act as if he is "above the law".

Rommie is prepared to surrender herself, for the good of the Commonwealth. However, Harper discovers something when reviewing the records, Chandos has not used the presidential fanfare for his appearances on Andromeda.

They arrange for a live broadcast for Rommie's surrender. When Chandos enters, Beka reminds Rommie to play the music. When she does so, Chandos starts frantically removing the presidential regalia, and Tyr's Force lance fires two effectors and shocks Tyr. The truth is apparent: Chandos is responsible for hiding a "trigger" in the music. Yau arrests him, and the broadcast is terminated.

Chandos explains his motivation: Lee was planning to confess that he and Chandos were responsible for the destruction of the Volsung habitat in his resignation address. Chandos believed that this would trigger a civil war, and he killed Lee to save the Republic. He suggests that they pin the blame on someone else, but Dylan will not participate in a cover-up.

While escorting Chandos to custody, Yau tries to orchestrate a situation where she can shoot Chandos, making it seem as if he was trying to escape, but Dylan interferes, insisting on proper legal process.

The Charter is ratified by Castalia, but as Andromeda leaves, they are experiencing civil unrest.


  • Taken verbatim from Macbeth II ii, where Lady Macbeth, in her effort to cleanse herself, says
    • "Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood
    • Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather
    • The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
    • Making the green one red."
  • The usurping nature of Lee's murder in the episode makes it particularly apropos.
  • Neptune was the Greek-Roman god of the sea.

Memorable quotes[]

Beka: What if they start shooting? How am I supposed to run in a dress?
Rommie: Good heavens! What kind of dinner parties have you been to?

Tyr: For the man determined to cook history's greatest omelet, you're awfully squeamish about cracking your eggs.

Dylan: (to Harper about him confessing being the one behind the murder of President Lee) Okay, why did you do it?
Harper: Why? Why? Well... because I didn't like their stupid fish music, that's why!

Harper: Fine. But I reserve the right to confess later.

Beka: Hey, I read the first officer's job description. 'Playing Devil's Advocate' – it's on page three.
Dylan: Get thee behind me, Satan.

Rev. Bem: Indeed. The cycle was broken when public justice replaced private vengeance, just as you are trying to do.
There's only one problem with your analogy, Rev. Apollo was a god. I'm just a man.
Rev. Bem:
(enigmatically) Mm.