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Aleyiss San



Aleyiss San was the crown princess of the San Empire, a highly decorated officer of the High Guard and eventually became its ruler after the death of her insane and tyrannical father, Shineoa San.

When her father Shineoa entered his empire into the Restored Systems Commonwealth, Aleyiss enlisted in the High Guard and became one of its most decorated officers, even getting the chance to meet Dylan Hunt, the restorer of the Commonwealth.

Aleyiss protested her father's shipping policies and suggested that he change the shipping routes of his freighters, because the shipping lanes that they used were extremely dangerous and were often attacked by pirates. This made him decide to get rid of her, because she was becoming popular in the empire and he was afraid that his people would like her more than him, and could ask her to replace him on the throne. Unable to bear the thought of his people favoring someone else over him, he had her drugged and placed on an outbound freighter convoy, confident that she would be murdered in a raid. The convey was attacked and raided by Kulis Bara and his people. Aleyiss was taken hostage by the pirate and by being close to him for an extended period of time, she got to know him and his history. Just like her, he had been born of a noble and corrupt family, and realized it. He then became a pirate using his resources to help the downtrodden and oppressed crews from the freighters and planets that he protected.

Being kidnapped by the pirate Kulis Bara made her realize what a horrible and corrupt ruler her father was, and caused her to join up with Kulis and become his future wife. Kulis is the leader of an extremely large coalition of over a thousand planets that were mostly ignored by the rest of the universe because of their individual political insignificance. However, he managed to unite them and make them into a loose coalition that had great political sway.

It was months before Dylan was informed of Aleyiss' disappearance. Two Commonwealth officers, Beka Valentine and Telemachus Rhade, were dispatched to the planet Misculon to return her to her father, unaware that they are being deceived. Aleyiss recognized the former because of her resemblance to Talia Waterkurk. She was willing to show mercy towards them and persuaded Kulis to have the two exiled to a remote planet. But the Commonwealth officers escaped and tracked Kulis and Aleyiss down to another of Kulis' hideouts offworld. Aleyiss was confronted against by Beka and Rhade, still under the impression that she was being deceived by Kulis and that her father wanted her back. Aleyiss explained everything to them, about how psychopathic her father was and that Kulis truly has good intentions. She comparesd herself to Beka, noting how children want to differentiate themselves from their parents, revealing her mother's name. Rhade found it hard to believe and told Aleyiss that if she wantsed to prove her loyalty to the Commonwealth, she would have to betray Kulis.

While trapped in an enzyme swamp, Kulis made his way to save Aleyiss, but she insisted that he rescue all of them. However, Shineoa turned up and shoot Kulis in the side, determined to eliminate all of his problems simultaneously. Dylan soon arrived and shot the gun out of Sineoa's hand, causing the despot to fall into the swamp.

Once aboard the Andromeda Ascendant, Dylan struck up a compromise with Kulis; he brought his group of planets into the Commonwealth and he could marry Aleyiss.