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Courier Ship
Alactritous Missive class
Type: Courier Ship
Role: Mail / Communications Delivery
Crew Complement: 1 pilot
1 co-pilot
Combat Systems: 1 Point Defense Laser turret
Chronological and General Info
Era(s): Systems Commonwealth
New Systems Commonwealth
Faction: High Guard
Systems Commonwealth


The Alacritous Missive class courier ship is the foundation upon which timely inter-system military communications are built and maintained. Alacritous Missive couriers are sleek ovoids equipped with a Slipstream drive, minimal weaponry, and (depending on the variant) one to two seats. Due to this courier ship's small size, sublight speed, and sensor deflecting shape, the Alacritous Missive class is a very effective asset to the Systems Commonwealth because they are extremely fast and are designed with a hard to detect profile in mind. These vessels can be temporarily commissioned into service during an emergency by a Group Operational Commander or the commander of an Argosy asset conducting independent operations. Unarmed civilian variants service the Commonwealth as a whole, by ferrying around communiques between corporations of wealthy individuals.

Alacritous Missive class courier ships have been known to transport mail to the Andromeda Ascendant.


  • The name means speed (Alacritous) of written communications (Missive).