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Wrath of Achilles Avatar

Wrath of Achilles Avatar


Achilles was the Android avatar of the Wrath of Achilles. Captured  during the Nietzschean uprising, Achilles was one of several dozen starships imprisoned in the Tartarus System by the Drago-Kazov Pride. The Dragons had intended to incorporate the ships into their own fleet, however, since each vessel was commanded by a Commonwealth Artificial Intelligence, the pride was forced to pursue a method of destroying these personalities before trying to use them. It would take over 300 years of failure before this was possible. In the meantime Achilles took up a leadership role amongst his fellow Artificial Intelligence's allowing them to remain organized and defiant.

After Captain Hunt discovered the fleet in the Tartarus system, and travelled there to attempt a rescue, he landed on the Wrath of Achilles and engaged in a short fire fight with a Nietzschean boarding party. At his side was the Clarion's Call avatar Ryan about whom Hunt learned had in fact abandoned his fellow Artificial Intelligence's after escaping the system. Achilles insisted Ryan be punished for this act. However, before any such plans could be finalized, a new Dragon boarding party broke in to the ship with a device capable of destroying an Artificial Intelligence, and despite an attempt at stopping them this party succeeded in using the device, destroying the Achilles personality - essentially killing him.

His avatar appeared a later year, renamed Hector, when the Balance of Judgment returned in Episode 3.21, "Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath".


  • Achilles/Hector was played by actor Christopher Judge, most famously known for his role as Teal'c on Stargate SG1. He was joined during the second appearance by fellow Stargate cast member Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), as Remiel, avatar of the Balance of Judgement.



Hector, avatar of the Resolution