The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki
Production information
Manufacturer: Species and organizations with acess to higher technologies such as Nanotechnology
Designer: None
Type: Passive
Technical specifications
Placement: Usually the bow or other forward facing areas aboard a vessel
Function: Protection
Control systems: None
Power source: None
Weight: Dependant upon material used
Affiliation: Spacefaring species, both minor and major


Ablative Armor is a passive armor that is designed to be absorb the kinetic and explosive energy from a weapon or interstellar object. It is designed to be destroyed in the process, but also does a good job at protecting whatever it is mounted on. Ablative armor is simple to manufacture, repair, and rebuild because of the materials and simple design, as it is usually just a slab of a basic material such as titanium, or ceramic; because of those attributes, Systems Commonwealth ships such as the Andromeda Ascendant and other large vessels use ablative armor. Smaller vessels utilize it because it is cheap but strong and effective.

Construction and Design[]

Ablative armor is usually made out of an extremely strong ceramic due to the simple fabrication of the plating. The ceramic covers a layer of high tensile alloy that is designed to reinforce the ceramic layer below it so that the ceramic takes as much of the impact energy as possible. When something hits the armor, the armor often turns into plasma because of the amount of energy focused in on one point. The plasma is thousands of degrees, and the transition that the solid armor makes from a solid to a plasmic state allows for much of the directed energy of the object hitting the armor to be absorbed. The plate of alloy shields the hull of the ship, and forces the plasma to flow over the section of exposed alloy and disappear into space. Thus, the alloy is usually able to completely dissipate the energy and plasma that comes from the weapon and protect the ship.

Placement and Other uses[]

This type of armor is also used on smaller vessels, both civilian and military, and is selectively placed upon larger vessels such as the Balance of Judgment, Andromeda Ascendant, and Torchships. It is widely used on smaller fighters such as Garuda class vessels, and freighters such as the Eureka Maru because it is cheap, easy to replace, repair, and maintain and provides a large amount of protection from both weapons and interstellar debris. Larger vessels use it selectively because they have the luxury of choosing from different armors; and they are also much bigger than an average stellar ship so they actually require more armor and certain armor in some places to protect from the larger amount of damage that they would take because of their size.. Some larger vessels require more ablative armor on forward facing sections of their vessels to help deal with the almost constant impacts that are sustained from atoms and debris that are involved with interstellar travel. The armor is also used aboard drones, satellites, and space planes.