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The AIS-117M Advanced Imaging Sensor (Sythetic Aperture / Moving Target Indicator) is a combined SA and MTI sensor package that can detect fixed and mobile targets, as well as fuse sensor tracks from multiple arrays into a complete picture of the area of interest. The SA suite is also capable of interferometric analysis, which allows the local Artificial Intelligence node to build a three-dimensional representation of visible surfaces to a one nanometer resolution at 24 Light Seconds.

The SA component is a virtual sensor aperture that is create by the motion of the sensor platform through space. As the platform changes position, the sensor system builds detailed imagery over a wider scanning area. Highly effective for charting the location and composition of stationary targets.

The MTI component creates pulsed sensor signals that detect moving targets by measuring changes in the return doppler effect over time. This component is useless against stationary targets or targets that are moving in parallel to the sensor.

It is used on various Systems Commonwealth ships, such as the Glorious Heritage Class vessel Andromeda Ascendant.