The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki
AF/A-29 Phoenix
Length: 20 Metres
Beam: 9 Metres
Draft: 7 Metres
Crew Manifest
Crew Complement: 1
Passenger Capacity: 1
Combat Systems: 2 Point Defense Laser cannons, 3 Electromagnetic Launch System tubes
Standard Armaments: 6 SAPM-6III Strike Arrow missiles
Political & Chronological Information
Faction: Systems Commonwealth


The AF/A-29 Phoenix Slipfighter is a long-range combined fighter/attack craft designed to operate in Earth-normal atmospheres and high-orbit.

Extremely maneuverable, the Phoenix is the primary close air support and long-range interdiction asset for the Lancer Corps during planetary combat operations. It is also used to clear hostile skies of tactical fighters, to clear the way for incoming Lancer drop ships and establish air dominance in advance of the main planetfall assault element.

The Phoenix is equipped with dual Point Defense Lasers and three Electromagnetic Launch System tubes capable of firing up to 6 SAPM-6III Strike Arrow missiles.


  • The Phoenix usually refers to the bird that rises from the flames of its Pyre. It also refers to the Fenghuang, the ruler of the bird kingdom in Chinese myth.