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Species: Human
Ship Position: Doctor
Status: Alive
Played By: Grace Park
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth


26-Carol appeared in "Machinery of the Mind". She was a Human doctor, affiliated with the Systems Commonwealth. She attended the conference on defeating the Magog at Galena, where she was introduced to Seamus Harper by Kor-Kavo. She was presumably a doctor of mathematics, as Harper noted she wrote about homological algebra. She was working with Lor-Near, Wel-Dar, and Bu-Habib on the Engine of Creation.


Harper stated that Lor-Near called her article on homological algebra the product of "advanced brain rot", to which Rommie noted 26-Carol replied "equally tersely" in the Galactic Space Journal.

Despite this, she was with Lor-Near at the conference. She showed her displeasure with Kor-Kavo, telling Lor-Near that she must be trying to steal an idea when greeting Harper and Rommie.

Lor-Near implied she had undergone brain augmentation, causing an argument.

Harper said it was "hard to believe there are 25 more of her", after Rommie confirmed she was a clone.